You can not always come home

The only thing I hated about Old Home Day this year was that we could not be there. Having attended faithfully for 21 years – for my kids, every year of their lives – that was a bummer. i especially felt badly that I couldn’t march in the parade during my first year as a town councillor – I felt I should be entitled to my share of thrown fruit and eggs!

This year applause for the Town Council and School Board was greater than normal. I am not sure if it was because the parade was four or more deep or if Joe was not there? Old Home Day

But we were just as proud that day, to have been up at Maine Maritime Academy, where our son received his official indoctrination into the Navy ROTC program. He’s the only Marine option candidiate in a group of 20 and will be working toward his degree at University of Maine (yes, that Black Bears hockey school), while looking forward to four blissful years in the Marine Corp after that. He and his mates spent four interesting days with Gunnery Sergeant Merrill, who pushed them beyond their physical limits before they earned their indoctrination pins Saturday.

So we will always remember OLD 2005 for not being there – and the proud reason why we weren’t!

Joe Paradis

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