Old Home Week Annual Meeting Part 2

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President’s Message

Another year of Old Home Week activities in New Hampshire has passed into history and we feel that the record is very satisfactory in view of conditions that have existed.   A good number of communities held some fitting observance and in spite of the conditions caused by war the interest and loyalty to the cause was as good as ever.  The restrictions on travel had the expected effect of reducing the number attending but we know many more would have come if it had been possible.

The method of observing Old Home Week that seems to be gaining in favor is the Sunday observance.  We believe more communities are having an Old Home Sunday service each year and this year we wish every church would dedicate one Sunday service to the observance of Old Home Week.  There are also many family reunions throughout the year and these are very appropriate as an Old Home Week observance.  The Granges in New Hampshire have done much to promote Old Home Week and we are pleased to note their continued interest in the work.

As long as the dark clouds of war hang over our land we can only hope to continue about as we have done for the past year.  We wish to extend our thanks to the churches and Granges and the many interested citizens who have contributed to the proper observance of Old Home Week in 1942 and urge continued support in the future.

The annual meeting for 1943 will be held in Concord on Monday, June7, ant 10:30 A. M. and we wish every local Old Home Week Association could be represented.  Remember that our responsibility is greater than ever till peas shall return.

Arthur W. McDaniel, President

To be continued shortly by the Old Home Day Pup this historic look at Old Home Day in 1942 come from historic records.  Londonderry, New Hampshire has held Old Home day for 107 consecutive years.

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